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MWC 2017: представлены гибридные Windows-планшеты Samsung Galaxy Book

Накануне открытия выставки MWC 2017, которая проходит в Барселоне с 27 февраля по 2 марта, Samsung представил гибридные планшеты серии Samsung Galaxy Book, работающие под управлением операционной системы Windows 10. Линейка включает две версии с различными диагоналями дисплея и аппаратного оснащения.
Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 комплектуется 10,6-дюймовым TFT-дисплеем с разрешением Full HD (1920 х 1280 пикселей), 5-Мп фронтальной камерой (сэлфи-камера отсутствует). Модификация имеет процессор Intel Core M3 седьмого поколения, 4Гб ОЗУ, 64 или 128 Гб встроенной флэш-памяти с возможностью расширения карточками microSD объёмом до 256 ГБ.
Samsung Galaxy Book 12 является более дорогой и продвинутой моделью. Он получил 12-дюймовый Super AMOLED-дисплей с разрешением 2160 х 1440 пикселей, 5-Мп фронтальную и 13-Мп основную камеры. Аппаратная архитектура основана на процессоре Intel Core Core i5 седьмого поколения, 4 или 8 Гб ОЗУ и 128 или 256 ГБ на твердотельном накопителе с возможностью расширения карточками памяти microSD объёмом до 256 Гб.
Планшеты получили поддержку обновлённого стилуса S Pen, котором используется наконечник диаметром 0,7мм и увеличена чувствительность нажатия. Кроме того, реализована поддержка таких функций как Screen Off Memo для создания быстрых заметок, PDF Annotation для удобного редактирования PDF-файлов и инструментов Advanced Drawing для профессионального рисования.
Также поддерживаются Wi-Fi (802.11ac), Bluetooth 4.1, GPS и ГЛОНАСС, LTE, имеется сканер отпечатков пальцев и порт USB Type-C (у старшей модели два порта). Время автономной работы достигает 10 часов у 10,6-дюймовой модели и 10,5 часов у 12-дюймовой модели.
Размеры 10,6-дюймовой модели составляют 261,2 x 179,1 x 8,9 мм, а вес — 640 граммов для версии только с Wi-Fi и 650 граммов для версии с LTE. Размеры 12-дюймовой модели составляют 291,3x199,8x7,4 мм, а вес — 754 грамма. Сроки выпуска и ориентировочная цена будут обнародованы позже.

The Galaxy Book – A Powerful, Portable PC Experience

Samsung’s Galaxy Book 2-in-1 tablet features Windows 10 integration for full PC functionality and a host of other advancements, including a refined S Pen, to offer mobile professionals a productivity powerhouse that allows them to maximize their efficiency whenever and wherever they wish.

Optimized for Efficiency

The Galaxy Book is available in 10.6- and 12-inch variations and features a premium, full-metal design that’s thin and lightweight. This makes the device highly portable, and equally suitable for getting work done in the boardroom and on the road.
Available in black or white, the included keyboard cover is a delight to work with, and comes complete with a large touchpad that offers plenty of room to comfortably maneuver through files or tabs. The curved, island-style keys are well spaced to reduce typos, and feature an adjustable backlight* to allow users working late to burn the midnight oil comfortably.
Furthermore, the cover’s ability to prop up the screen at various angles makes it easy to set the Galaxy Book down and get to work anywhere. Each of the three orientation modes – ‘PC’, ‘Easel’ and ‘Note’ – was designed to deliver optimal comfort and usability.

PC-Level Performance

Both Galaxy Book editions are powered by seventh-generation Intel® Core™ processors that provide premium, PC-level performance. The 10.6-inch edition comes equipped with 4GB of RAM and a choice of 64GB or 128GB of storage, while the 12-inch model is available in a choice of either 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, or a generous 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage capacity. Both models allow users to add additional storage via microSD card.
In addition, the 12-inch Galaxy Book’s vibrant Super AMOLED display and the 10.6-inch edition’s TFT screen both support 4K video playback and provide ample room to scan documents on the go or binge a favorite TV show. Their long-lasting batteries charge fast, providing up to 10 hours of power for the 10.6-inch model and up to 10.5 hours for the 12-inch, giving users more freedom to be productive and enjoy their content uninterrupted.

Handy S Pen Integration

One of the Galaxy Book’s most efficient and fun features is its new, multifunctional S Pen, which helps users adopt a more convenient and hands-on approach to their work.
Samsung’s S Pens offer a best-in-class digital writing experience that allows users to enjoy greater productivity and exercise their creativity. The Galaxy Book’s S Pen is the most accurate yet, facilitating precise notes and detailed drawings thanks to its fine, 0.7mm tip, industry-leading sensitivity – recognizing 4,096 levels of pressure – and ability to vary the thickness of its strokes depending on the angle at which it’s tilted. Moreover, the S Pen does not require a battery to function.
The Galaxy Book also features support for the S Pen’s PDF Annotation function, to help users get more work done on the go, and Adobe Photoshop, to allow creative professionals to enjoy the device’s advanced mobile productivity as well. The S Pen’s stroke-width adjusting ‘Tilt’ function is particularly handy when fine-tuning images with the professional software, making it easier for users to enhance depth and detail.
Other handy S Pen tools include Samsung Notes, which consolidates the S Pen’s notetaking, drawing and image-management capabilities in one simple application, as well as Air Command functions such as Smart Select, which now lets users create, save and share their own animated GIFs.

Streamlined Security and Connectivity

Both Galaxy Book models are additionally available in LTE-compatible versions, to cater to always-connected lifestyles, and may be easily integrated into a user’s personal device ecosystem via Samsung Flow. This versatile app allows users to easily sync content and alerts between their Galaxy smartphone and tablet, and even lets them set up secure hotspots and unlock their tablet via their smartphone’s fingerprint sensor.
Transfers between the connected devices are seamless, and enable users to stay up to date without sacrificing data security or efficiency. This means that with Samsung Flow, a user editing a file on the Galaxy Book will receive notifications from their smartphone directly on their tablet and will be able to quickly reply using the Galaxy Book’s keyboard, without missing a beat.
Combining powerful, PC-level performance with the signature convenience of the S Pen, Samsung’s Galaxy Book 2-in-1 device is less of a tablet and more of a highly portable personal computer.

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