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TIZEN-часы Samsung Gear S3 получили отличное обновление к сезону отпусков

На дваоре весна, а во многих регионах мира уже фактически царит лето с комфортной тёплой погодой. Самое время подумать об отпуске, который многие предпочитают проводить активно на природе.
Как раз ко двору здесь придётся пакет специального софта, котрый Samsung выпускает в эти дни для своих новых смарт-часов Samsung Gear S3.
Благодаря наличию большого количества датчиков и сенсоров, эти носимые устройства подойдут как любителям неспешных прогулок по живописным историческим местам, так и настоящим сорви-головам, которые лезут в горы, сплавляются по рекам или прыгают с парашютом. Именно ради таких людей в Samsung разработали наиболее удобные циферблаты, которые выводят максимально полную информацию с отображением климатических условий, показателей физического состояния и позиционирования на местности. Попутно владельцы Gear S3 смогут получить любую справочную информацию о тех местах, где они оказались. Часы мгновенно покажут дислокацию ближайших пунктов питания, медучреждений, культурных объектов и т.д.
Кроме того, новый пакет обновлений для TIZEN OS, на которой работают гаджеты Samsung, значительно расширит общую функиональность Gear S3, повысит их производительность и защищённость от хакерских атак.
В качестве иллюстрации южнокорейский техногигант выпустил целую серию промо-роликов, показывающих возможности самых продвинутых на сегодняшний день носимых устройств Gear S3 Classic и Gear S3 Frontier.    

Get Out and Get Active this Spring with these Functional Gear S3 Watchfaces

Spring is finally upon us, which means it’s time to stop hibernating and start enjoying the warm weather.

Featuring a sturdy, IP68-certified design, GPS capability and advanced fitness features, the Gear S3 was designed to cater to the active and adventurous. Now, with the release of the three highly functional, activity-focused watchfaces outlined below, Samsung has made it even easier for Gear S3 users to streamline travel, training and trekking the great outdoors.
To illustrate their handy functions, Samsung teamed up with a world-famous adventurer, travel photographer and daredevil – three inspiring individuals who embody the spirit of adventure at the heart of the new watchfaces’ designs.

For Outdoor Adventures

The new Samsung Outdoor Watchface presents a selection of Gear S3 functions that can assist users when they’re out enjoying the weather – whether they’re conquering a hike or simply going for a stroll.
The watchface includes an altimeter at three o’clock, a barometer at nine, a date and weather indication at six, and a sunrise/sunset display that arches over the screen. Tapping an indication once will access its app, while double-tapping will allow you to customize various display-related settings. For instance, the watchface allows users to preset altitude and atmospheric figures that, if exceeded, will cause the screen to flash red.
The Outdoor edition also features a dedicated night mode, and, like the other watchfaces on this list, is offered in multiple colors, so users may customize their screen to their liking.
For the Outdoor Watchface’s release, Samsung collaborated with British explorer Bear Grylls on a series of short videos that immerse viewers in his daily adventures and offer tips on how to use the watchface when trekking through the wilderness.

For World Travelers

The Samsung Travel Watchface combines a host of handy Gear S3 functions that can help business travelers and tourists better manage their trips.
The watchface’s customizable dual-time indications allow you to easily monitor the time and temperature back home as well as in your current location, while the currency display at 12 o’clock offers easy access to the exchange rate.
The My Journey indication rounding out the screen at six o’clock allows you to keep track of distance traveled, and, when tapped, will open a detailed map to help you navigate a new city.
To demonstrate the watchface’s ability to support memorable journeys, Samsung collaborated with Russian travel photographer Murad Osmann and his wife Natalia, who created the captivating ‘Follow Me To’ photo series that’s become a social media phenomenon.
Filmed in reverse and featuring the same immersive angles and vivid color that made the photo series so spectacular, the video below follows Murad and Natalia’s journey from Moscow to Havana, Cuba. There, aided by their Gear S3s, they navigate the city’s streets, soak up its vibrant culture and snap shot after spectacular shot.

For Breaking a Sweat

The Samsung Sports Watchface assembles a variety of Gear S3 functions that can help users put their game face on when training or engaging in their favorite sports.
The Sports Watchface features a stopwatch at three o’clock and a speedometer at nine, beneath side-by-side displays for the user’s current heart rate and calories burned. The watchface also provides easy access to My Journey at the bottom of the screen, to help users map out runs and rides.
Moreover, like the Outdoor edition, the Sports Watchface features a built-in alert function, designed to help users keep an eye on their exertion and exercise safely. Should you exceed your preset activity level – a maximum heart rate, for instance – the screen will flash red to signal you to rein it in.
To illustrate the watchface’s competitive edge, Samsung produced a series of adrenaline-pumping videos following stunt biker extraordinaire Robbie Maddison, who uses the Gear S3 to help him train, smash records and break new ground in his sport.
The Gear S3’s new Outdoor, Travel and Sports watchfaces are currently available for download in the Gear App Store.

Samsung Releases Comprehensive Gear S3 Value Pack Update

Samsung Electronics released a value pack update for the Gear S3 at the end of March that is currently available in major markets and will be available in other markets in the near future. Packed with enhancements that bolster the device’s utility and streamline users’ access to the information they rely on, the update, which also adds convenient functions to the Gear S2, reflects Samsung’s unwavering commitment to refining its smartwatches’ user experience.
Speaking of lifting, exercising with the Gear S3’s Samsung Health app has also been enhanced, thanks to an improved user interface (UI) and new workout features. Now, when viewing workout results, users will be informed of how much time they spent in each heart rate zone via simple, color-classified graphs, and will also be kept abreast of their daily heart rate range. In addition, a newly added streamlined Stretching guide is activated after 50 minutes of inactivity and utilizes a counting sound to guide users through the activity.
Other Samsung Health enhancements include the abilities to auto-locate and record approximate location for detected running or walking, as well as sync pace-setter running targets from the Samsung Health app on your phone with the Gear S3.
Users who need a little reminder now and then to kick-start their workout routine can utilize the updated Reminder app, which now allows you to add specific dates for reminders delivered via S Voice.* This means that a command such as “Remind me to work out at 7:00pm this Sunday” will produce the desired alert on the desired day. The update also allows you to easily edit the titles of dictated reminders, and is compatible with the Gear S2.
The Gear S3’s Accessibility features have been enhanced to offer users more control over their device’s display. Now, after activating ‘Direct access’ in the Accessibility menu, users will be able to enable new, readability-focused screen options including ‘Dark screen’, ‘Greyscale’ and ‘Negative colors’.
Samsung has also made it easier for users to track down their Gear S3 in the event that it is misplaced. Now, under the Find My Gear section of the Gear Manager app, which allows users to lock their lost device remotely to prevent unauthorized use, users may add personal contact information, such as an email address or phone number, to display on the smartwatch’s lock screen.
Other notable value pack additions include an auto-calibration option for the Alti/Barometer and a simplified Settings menu. Furthermore, with new complications for select watch faces**, users can control the music player (Play/ Pause) and check the date directly from the Gear S3’s watch face.
The News Briefing widget can also be more easily navigated, thanks to an enhanced up/down button interface. Finally, for added convenience, the Stopwatch counting time has been increased from one hour to three hours.

Users may download the value pack update via the Samsung Gear app.***

* S voice supports the following languages: English (US), English (UK), Spanish (US), Spanish (ES), French (FR), Portuguese (BR), German, Italian, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Korean and Japanese.
**The new Music complication is available on the Minimal, Blue Pop and Gear Dashboard watch faces, while the new Date complication is available on the Gear Dashboard watch face.
*** The user’s Gear S3 and smartphone must be synced in order to download the value pack update.

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